From the time I was a young boy, fascinated with the cinema, I dreamed of having my own silver screen on which to enjoy my love of film.  My first attempt was attaching a lens onto a small TV.  Very crude, but I had a picture on the wall and it was much bigger than any TV set at the time!  Since then, projection TV has come of age and I've been able to watch films on progressively larger and wider screens.  But still, nothing over 60" and it was always in a room that didn't feel like a cinema.

With the extensive renovations to my home recently, I was able to dedicate a complete room to my passion - cinema.  The theatre is located in my basement and is fully light controlled.  The screen is 5.5' by 10' (for a diagonal of 11.5' or 137").  A definite step up from my previous TVs.  Variable masking easily accommodates different aspect ratios right up to full cinemascope.

To better enjoy viewing films with friends, the theatre has two levels of seating.  Everyone has a clear view of the screen! And with the front row only 8' from the screen, it really seems as if you are in the front row at a public theatre.  You're immersed in the film!

The projection system is a JVC DLA-X570 4K 3D projector.  Pixels are not visible, even if you are only inches from the screen!  It really looks like smooth film, no matter what the content.  For film buffs, this is the ONLY way to go. 

The Yamaha ATMOS 11-channel sound system is full surround with top of the line Paradigm Reference speakers.  After extensive testing and evaluation, this line was found to provide the best sound and size.  Dipole rear speakers disperse the rear surround channels so those in the back row are not overwhelmed with sound directly in their ears.  This speaker line is simply amazing.  No theatre is complete without a capable bass sub system for those ground shaking special effects and Cinemax does not disappoint.  Four 18" subs built in to the floor in an infinite baffle design are driven by several 3000 watt amplifiers. Impressive sound effects you really feel!  The bass is not obtrusive or distorted and the room has been set up to reduce distortion inducing sympathetic vibrations. 

Not only are movie soundtracks incredibly reproduced, but as an unexpected, yet very welcome benefit, music and concerts are unparalled.  From stadium rock concerts to the discriminating sounds of a symphonic hall to an intimate session with a solo artist - you've never heard it so good!  Paired with an excellent recording, the performance is stunning.  You will be mesmerized by the show.  The Eagles - Live From Melbourne or Diana Krall - Live in Paris are two amazing recordings that really show off Cinemax. You're welcome to join me for an encore performance!